Gap Teeth: The Latest Must-Have Accessory?

Having a gap between your teeth was never as chic as Lauren Hutton would lead you to believe (I speak from experience; my orthodontist put the kabosh on mine at 14). But it seems both of us were ahead of our time. More and more (blessed be!), it seems those hideously super-sized, glow-in-the-dark veneers are being replaced by normal
beautifully imperfect canines. French Vogue just devoted a whole issue to the space-invaded Lara Stone, the lovely gap-grinned Georgia Jagger is everywhere, and Hutton herself is holding court in the new J.Crew catalog. Lest we not forget about the other icons of imperfect orthodonture, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Anna Paquin, Madge…all beauts who know how to work a good gap.
Above, from left: Lauren Hutton; Lara Stone on the cover of I-D.
Above, from left: Georgia Jagger's model card, photo via Dazed & Confused; Anna Paquin in True Blood.

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