Get On These Crazy-Cool Gap Olympic Throwback Tees

There may be an American-themed shopping bonanza going on right now (thanks, Olympics), but just one look at Gap's new celebratory tees has us thinking they may have, in fact, taken the patriotic cake. The company just released an exclusive collection of vintage-style T-shirts for men, women, and kiddies, featuring some of the coolest old-school artwork from Olympic Games past. And, between the affordable price tag (under $30!) and year-round wearability (no splashy 2012 graphics!), these duds may be the best way to show off your American pride without looking like a walking, talking Uncle Sam sandwich board.
The women's selection — tank tops and T-shirts in colors like light blue and pink — are feminine and somewhat understated, but the men's tees are where it's at. Soft-knit vintage tees featuring bold logos from Tokyo '64, Montreal '76, and a mega-cool heather grey Barcelona '92 shirt make it look like you had to spend hours digging for them at a vintage shop instead of popping into the nearest Gap store.
Take a peek at the selection, and if you figure out a way to squeeze into child-sized clothes, let us know: That Seoul '88 boys' shirt is way too cool for preschool.
Photo: Courtesy of The Gap

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