Buy Some Art, Do Some Good

1Photo: Courtesy of Gallery For Good.
These days, everyone considers themselves an art expert. The wine-and-canvas trend turns gal pals into semi-professional painters, and, well, we know what Instagram's done. But, it's better to leave the real creating up to the experts and simply stock your home with purchases from said professionals. To do so without breaking the bank, hit up Gallery For Good. Not only will you bag some sweet new decor for your walls, but you'll also be donating to a charity in need. Gallery For Good handpicks the best art pieces around, sells them for a decent price, and then uses the profits to support a good cause — think conservation, humanitarian relief, and education. First up on the charity docket is the TerraMar Project, which raises awareness for healthy oceans. You get art and you get to keep the oceans intact. Everybody wins.

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