3 Apps That Will Change Your Week

Photo: Courtesy Rekky.
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." "Birds of a feather flock together." Those aphorisms carry a lot of wisdom. But, it's 2015. Things are a little different now that we've got a smartphone in our pocket. 

We took a handful of these well-known sayings and gave them a modern twist. Turns out, these updates are decidedly more useful than the originals. Read on for distinctly "2015" solutions to three age-old issues.

A Printed Picture Is Worth 1,000 Hashtags  
There’s something special about the tactile, slippery, and smudge-prone quality of physical photos. Nowadays, the closest most of us get to to that nostalgic effect is rifling through stacks of old pictures in search of the perfect Mother's Day post. But now, with only a WiFi connection, Fujifilm’s Smartphone Printer (which is small enough to fit in most bags), and of course, its accompanying app, you can instantly print Polaroids straight from your smartphone’s camera roll. To paraphrase one of Don Draper’s most moving monologues, “The Fujifilm Instax is not merely a device. It's a spaceship. It's a time machine. It goes backwards, and forwards... It takes us to a place where we ache to go again.” (But seriously, who needs business cards when you can just insta-print a selfie?)       

Opinions Are Like Apps; We All Have Them 
For those who have ideas and opinions to share but are too intimidated to create a podcast from scratch, fear not. Using the app Opinion, you can easily record, edit, and publish your podcasts online — for free. Every podcast gets a free web page, too, and is ready to share on Twitter, Facebook, the iTunes Podcast directory, and any other listening app. You can also add fun pictures from your camera roll, take a photo, and import music or audio files. Time to get your gab on!        

Birds of A Location-Tagged Feather Flock Together  
Have you ever ended up "all dressed up, with nowhere to go"? Rekky to the rescue. Rekky, short for the word "recommendation," aggregates location tags from Instagram as well as check-ins from Foursquare and Facebook, to offer a personalized feed of venue recommendations for you, sourced from a mix of tastemakers and your social network connections. Think Instagram meets Foursquare, with a touch of Yelp. Though it just launched earlier this month, cool kids DJ Harley Viera-Newton and The Misshapes (Leigh Lezark and Geordon Nicol) are already on it. 

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