From Chloé Bags to Le Cordon Bleu, The Best Fashion + Food Bloggers On the Web

The world of fashion and food have pretty much always remained--and in our opinion, stupidly so--on opposite ends of the Venn Diagram. But lately, an uprising of sorts has been taking place on the blogosphere. Stylish, savvy, and very very hungry, these bloggers have combined their (and our!) love for the delicious and fashionable. We've took a lunch break to go over the best in the fashion+foodie world whose duds and dishes both look good enough to eat!
The biggest thing to hit the blogging community since ctrl-C ctrl-V, Luxirare is a fashion extremist and gastronomist whose high-class tastes extend from her bespoke leather jackets to the crimped potato chips she fashions from hand. Inventive, thoughtful, and with loads of personalized labeling equipment (seriously, where can we get a Refinery potato holder of our own?), Luxirare gives us a serious case of blog envy.
Hailing from Berkeley, California, Annabel is a girl who's seriously obsessed. Greek literature, anime, sports, and Japan dot the shortlist, but this cutie Cal senior's biggest loves are fashion and food (duh). Frankly, we're a little obsessed with her pics of fast food porn and her sweet and simple outfit pictures.
A designer is a designer, so it should be no surprise that The Lake and Stars' Maayan Ziberman's homemade cakes are as outrageous as the lingerie she creates. There's a horrifyingly realistic edible cesspool and a Real World-inspired brick wall with frosting cans of spray paint, but you're going to have to get off your bum and trek to to Barneys to see her line of underthings.
With a closetful of Chloé and shoes straight from our dreams, Genni trots around NY in adventures that lead her to new Alexander Wang acquisitions and lobster rolls to celebrate. We don't know what we want more: her Ann D laceups, or those fish tacos.
Emily's quaint photography captures her outfits and kitchen creations in light so tasty that you'll end up famished and itching to shop by the time you're through with her site. Excuse us please while we go and make a peach avocado salad of our own (and scour the web for a pair of similar lucite wedges).

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