This Foxy Singer Talks Fashion & Failure

Photographed by Georgina Martin.
We're big fans of British songstress Louisa Rose Allen, a.k.a Foxes, whose style and songwriting skills have us captivated. Though her several electro-pop singles (including "Youth," "Beauty Queen," and "Holding Onto Heaven") show off her dynamic vocal chops, we have been praying to the music gods for a full-length release for some time. Finally, our prayers have been answered: Glorious, Foxes' debut album, reveals how her powerhouse vocals have matured over the past few years through anthems, synth-pop tracks, and ballads.
Although her musical talent is spellbinding, we're also smitten by Ms. Allen's colorful and creative outfits. Her penchant for retro style, cute crop tops, and pin-up looks have us looking forward to her next stage ensemble almost as much as her next album.
We caught up with Foxes on a sunny London day; here, she talks vintage shopping, learning from failure, and how she finds her happiness.
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
Congratulations on your debut record finally coming out stateside! Glorious didn’t get a U.S. release date for a long while; what was the reason for that?

“I guess I’ve been in Australia, Tokyo...all over the world. So, we wanted to get this out in America at the right time and be able to spend some time there.”
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
What’s the story behind Glorious?

“This album is about me growing up. It’s a very personal album. It draws a lot of inspiration from film; I grew up watching a lot of film and listening to a lot of soundtracks. There’s definitely a cinematic vibe to it... [There are] hidden moments in the album that people might not expect...then there are more anthemic moments like 'Let Go For Tonight,' 'Youth' and 'Holding Onto Heaven.' It’s all drawn from my life until now.”
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
How have you found your happiness?

“My mum always said you should always spend your hours doing what you love, and you should try to build your life around things that make you happy. If you work hard enough, what you love will eventually become your career. I think I've just always tried to jump into things and see where they take me. What I’m doing right now is what makes me happy. I’m traveling the world, getting my music across to different people, and meeting people who have connected to the music. And, laughing. And, food.”
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
What was the making of the “Holding Onto Heaven” video like? That party looked like a blast!

"Yeah, it was really fun. The video is two of me — there’s confident, happy, and fearless me, and there’s another side that is less confident. I guess it’s the unhappy version. It’s about the relationship you have with yourself; I wanted to portray that sometimes it’s hard to find the happy side... I guess this person — or me — is trying to chase after the more fearless, vibrant version of myself."
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
Can you tell me about how your style has evolved over the past few years?

“Well, my mom has a vintage store in the U.K., so I've definitely grown up around a lot of exciting pieces of clothing she’s collected throughout the years. I love that, and I love going to car-boot sales and charity shops and digging out really amazing finds. I love trolling different vintage around the world. I was in Tokyo and I was so blown away by the sense of style there; it was really inspiring. I love Moschino and vintage Chanel. I love things you can piece together. I guess it makes it unique because no one has that complete outfit. My style definitely changed over the years... I could never afford designers before. I still find it mental if I have anything that is designer. prefer the vintage pieces or a bargain. I love finding a bargain at a charity shop in London."
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
Which stores are your favorites to shop at in the U.K.?

"Well, I love Brick Lane. It’s a bit like a festival — the clothes are so free, vibrant, and fun. I love that you can go there for the day, just shop and lose lots of money [laughs]. I love Topshop... I always grew up getting all of my basics from [there]... Those are my favorite High Street shops."
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
How did working with Zedd on “Clarity” jump-start and/or evolve your music career?

"I’ll always be grateful for 'Clarity.' It’s otherworldly what that’s done... I had no idea when we did that song that it would become its own being in a way... The people who have connected to that song; it’s really something else. Obviously, the Grammys were incredible. I think...'Clarity' will always be something that I did because I felt like it was right. I wouldn’t have done it if I thought I couldn’t bring a little bit of me to it."
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
What’s a piece of advice you’d give to young girls who are trying to make it in the music industry?

"It’s really interesting to learn that there’s nothing wrong with failing. As you grow older, I think it really molds and shapes you...sometimes it’s nice to fall, but fearlessly. I think over the years I’ve had moments where I’m like, 'Oh, god, I just want to give up!' You don’t know if it’s going to go anywhere, and you sort of battle with your mind. It’s a learning curve, and you need to grab every single moment... Be positive about it. When I first started writing, the music I was making wasn’t what it is now. I definitely matured in my music... Believe in yourself as much as you can, because you’re the only person [who's] going to get you there. So, it’s really important to build a very strong relationship with yourself.”
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
Why did you title your debut album Glorious?

"'Glorious' was the last song I wrote for the album. It really describes the journey that I’ve been on... It’s a song that has a very positive message. I really love 'glorious' — it’s a word that isn’t used enough. I think the song sums up the reason quite well."
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
You know the saying: have brightly coloured piano will travel?
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
Play it again Foxes.
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Photographed by Georgina Martin.
Foxes is ready for her close-up now.


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