These Beauty Brands Embrace Food-Grade Ingredients

If you wouldn't eat something, why would you put it on your skin? That question is inspiring a new breed of beauty brands to create products using food-grade ingredients — and it makes perfect sense, if you think about it. We learned long ago that putting certain things in our bodies can sometimes lead to less-than-ideal skin. (Miss you, dairy.) So, why has it become okay to put things on our faces that wouldn't be great for our insides?
Consider also that most cosmetics ingredients don't have to be approved by the FDA, but, obviously, food does. So, buying food-grade products is a safe way to make sure you're not putting suspicious things on your skin. And, that's a big plus with the beauty brands ahead that embrace this good-for-you philosophy. Of course, we don't recommend actually eating any of these, but hey, many of these products could be consumed if you really wanted to. Which would be helpful in a zombie apocalypse. What — you don't consider the zombie apocalypse when shopping for makeup? Rookie mistake...

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