Why Your Boss (& Mother) Will Hate This Clothing Line

lifegearPhoto: Courtesy of Focus Life Gear.
As sad as this may be, the only time we completely disconnect from our cell phones is when we're on an airplane preparing for takeoff. Even 30,000 feet in the air, we still get the itch to check our emails or, at the very least, Instagram. So, for those of us (like this writer) who have trouble getting off the grid, there's now a solution — that we can wear.
Created by Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga in collaboration with Trident, Focus Life Gear clothing is the next wave of wearable technology. Or, perhaps we'll call it wearable anti-technology, since the garments prevent wearers from receiving phone calls while donning the attire. The collection includes designs for men and women, all made with a material that blocks radio waves from reaching the wearer's mobile device — letting those voicemails pile up, texts go unanswered, and friends' snaps unliked. (Deep breaths.)
Although we don't exactly enjoy the 20-minute freak-out that occurs when we receive an urgent email just before our train heads underground and out of service, surely, it couldn't hurt to disconnect from technology, dodge a few calls, miss some social media notifications, and actually have a chance to...well, change our clothes. Click over to see exactly how these high-tech garments are making a low-tech lifestyle possible. (Huffington Post)

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