Drew Barrymore Is Fulfilling All Of Our Makeup Fantasies

We'd understand if you assumed we were a bit biased towards Flower Beauty, the makeup brand by our editor-at-large Drew Barrymore. And, sure, you may be right. But, if you were sitting here with us, playing with all its new products for 2014, you would most likely share our joy. That is, if things such as luxury formulas, serious color payoff, and Walmart accessibility make you happy.
Coming up for this year are 39 new products, including some gorgeous nail polishes, lip chubby sticks in vivid pops of color, and some rather innovative and fun products from a woman who clearly knows her way around makeup. There are two goodies in particular that have us maniacally clicking through the color swatches: a thick, felt-tipped precision liner with a volumizing mascara on the other end and a precision liner that has creme shadow on the flip side. At a press preview, Drew (yep, we're on a first-name basis now) stressed the importance of makeup that performs beautifully and easily, without taking up a ton of room in your bag. It's like she really knows us or something.
All this makeup magic is hitting Walmart (both in stores and online), except for one little addition coming this fall: a set of professional-quality makeup brushes rivaled only by those with prices that require selling off an organ. So, prepare your vanity tables, friends — it's love in full bloom over here!

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