Lucie Fink Shakes Up 5 Different Aspects Of Her Life In Only 5 Days

video by Andrew P. Kennelly; produced by Jay Brunson; appearance by Lucie Fink.
Refinery29 is teaming up with The Laughing Cow for an #AntiRoutine mission that's all about shifting your perspective to unlock new possibilities. Say goodbye to your monotonous routine and instead, make the choice to switch it up with simple lifestyle changes that will garner lasting, positive effects. Ahead, R29's Lucie Fink takes on the challenge.
When life gets busy, we often default to daily routines that ensure efficiency and minimize stress. But all too frequently, these routines also lead to mundanity and boredom — which is why it's so crucial to switch things up once in a while. R29’s own Lucie Fink knows a ton about that. She’s tried almost everything — bullet journaling, hygge, cold showers — to switch up her day-to-day. But she’s never switched up five routines in five days. So that's why, in partnership with The Laughing Cow, Lucie’s taking on a weeklong #AntiRoutine challenge. The mission is all about ditching her ways and taking actions that create positive change. Watch as Lucie flips her life (read: her style, her sleep schedule, even her food preparation) upside down — all in five short days.

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