10 Fitness Brands You’re Mispronouncing

“Nice leggings, where did you get them?” can be the both the best and worst compliment you receive at the gym or fitness studio. It’s great that your selection of spandex has received a nod of approval, but now you’re put on the spot and have to try to properly pronounce the brand’s name, whatever it is. Sure, some companies are easy: Under Armour and Reebok are non-issues. But, take a quick trip to any major sporting-goods store and you’ll notice a few brands that will leave you wondering, “How do you say that?”
Since we’ve overheard our fair share of name-butchering and nonspecific murmurs (and we’re guilty of a few ourselves), we put together a quick primer on how to say 10 of the more “unique” fitness-fashion brand names. Read on for the pronunciation breakdown — so you're not caught off-guard in your 2XU.

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