Afraid To Try That Fancy Workout Class? These Could Help

We all have the same question before trying a new workout: What did I get myself into? Even if a friend has verbally walked you through the class, from what to expect to what to wear, and even if you’ve read every blog review you could find, there are always lingering questions. No one expects you to be a superstar on day one — but wouldn't you feel infinitely more confident if you got a sneak peek?
Lately, I’ve noticed a trend among popular NYC fitness studios that solves this exact problem. For a lack of a better term, I’m calling it a “workout trailer.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: a mini movie that showcases what the class and studio is like. It’s not a news segment, or an infomercial, or a cheaply shot homemade commercial, or the preview of a fitness DVD. Rather, it's a professionally shot video designed to give you an insider look at the studio. Because, when you're paying upwards of $30 a class, you don't want to walk in blind.
These trailers serve a big purpose; they give boutique-studio newbies and curious class-hoppers an estimate of the workout, the studio culture, and of course, what to wear. So, you’ll feel like a regular, even on your first class.
Click through to see the workout trailers for popular NYC studios such as SLT (above), AKT In Motion, ChaiseFitness, and the coming-soon Orangetheory Fitness. While some of the studios have been on the scene for a few years, most of these trailers have been uploaded within the past few weeks — because this is clearly now a thing. And, that basically means class-booking services such as Mindbody, GoRecess, and Class Pass are now the Fandango of fitness.
Orangetheory Fitness (coming to NYC soon)

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