First Store Pics from Save Fashion...It's Almost Show Time!

A lot can happen in a month. And in just 24 hours, our gorgeous 2,500-foot pop-up shop will change the face of Port Authority (well, sort of). Set to open its doors tomorrow at 10 a.m., Save Fashion has been several months in the making, but from these pictures it might not be so obvious. Several teams of wildly talented people came together to make our one-of-a-kind shopping outpost a reality: our partners at Launch Collective, Sam and Dino from Aux Armes, Aaron and his crew from Office of Air, Cindy and her incredible team at Krupp Group...the list goes on.
In honor of an ongoing work in progress—just look at those incredible hand-made signs at those obi belts made of masking tape? Yes, our army of misfit models stationed at the front door can't wait to greet you—we've gathered up a few snaps to document the state of affairs pre-opening. But don't just take our word for it...come visit us at Save Fashion tomorrow. We'll see you there!

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