Rad Or Bad: Would You Wear Rings On Your Fingertips?

Who else thought that mid-finger rings were totally a thing? Yeah, us too. But, it looks like that trend may be so six months ago, and jewelry designers are moving even further, um, forward, pushing the boundaries of where you wear your bands.
Traveling down the finger (seriously guys, we're running out of space), these teeny, jagged little rings from Gwaan are intended to sit atop your nail bed.
We spotted the baby-sized accessories on MTVStyle, and — being the web addicts we are — instantly wondering how they would fare for the those of us who type away on a keyboard all day. Despite their potential to annoy us all day with an incessant tapping noise, we have to admit that they look pretty cool. Think of them as a simpler version of the original Bijules fingernail ring, except, in this case, your mani can peek out from behind the metal. And, while we have reservations about the fact that these rings may sit a little too low on the finger (um, we suspect they'd either be uncomfortable or way too easy to lose), we still can't help but be intrigued.
Are these fingertip-hugging rings the next big thing? Or are they just a bad idea? To the comments, with your thoughts.
Photo: Via MTVStyle Via Gwaan

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