You'll Never Need Another Bag Again

There are few things you can ever really know for certain — even fewer when it comes to fashion. (Will I really want to wear these metallic, printed skinny jeans next season? Are these discounted booties going to last me through the winter? ) But, thanks to Filson, you can be damn sure you'll never be without a timeless, sturdy bag.
The brand, which has been making things in America since 1897 (amazing), stands behind its promise of "unfailing goods." What does that mean? If you nick your bag, Filson's newly minted restoration department will stitch it up for you, good as new. Or replace it altogether. Lifetime guarantees may sound like a thing of the past, but this brand is truly mastering bringing that tradition to the future of fashion.
We've always loved Filson's heavy, waxed canvases, rich leather, and practical shapes and pockets. But, when we visited the Filson headquarters in Seattle, we fell even more in love with the company that's marrying forward-thinking designs with history-rich, handmade products. And, of course, we fell in love with the people who make those products, too.
Get to know the folks behind one of America's coolest, oldest brands, and learn how the Made In America movement — Filson included — is reshaping everything.

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