Fetty’s Pricey Line Gets Drastically Cheaper For Urban Outfitters

Justin Tranter, front man of Semi-Precious Weapons, recently launched Fetty—a jewelry collection that was born, surprisingly, to rave reviews at Barneys (now if only the music critics could be so nice about his band). While we loved the simple, pretty designs with a tough edge, we balked at the $600-$800 price tags. But come this May, Justin will be teaming up with Urban Outfitters in another one of their designer collaborations to create a budget-friendly line known as Precious Weapons (hah). The collection will include a necklace featuring a black wood damaged heart with a weapon of choice (gun, axe, hammer, or saw) or an oversized weapon pendant necklace, both of which are awfully similar to pieces from his way pricier high-end line. So now we'll really feel no shame or shopper's guilt in grabbing a bunch and piling them on. (The Fashion Spot)