12 Lingerie Looks We Dare You To Try

If you’re looking to explore your kinky side — or, even if you’ve been exploring for a while and just need some fresh inspiration — this one's for you.
From Helmut Newton’s latex-clad women to Mapplethorpe’s [link NSFW] more visceral depictions of S&M, a fascination with fetish wear has long been noticeable and present in our culture. And, in fashion, thanks to the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier (alongside Madonna), as well as Givenchy, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, and more, we've seen these strains echoed time and again. And then, of course, there is the legacy of Lee McQueen, who engaged with fetish wear on the runway in a variety of ways — most memorably, masks that obscured models’ faces, leather harnesses and buckles, and shoes that distorted the foot.
Today, those cultural influences extend even further into the mainstream, making it a very exciting time for modern lingerie, with many innovative brands blurring the lines between traditionally sexy underwear and the harder edge of fetish wear.
One of our favorites, Zana Bayne has been creating leather goods that toe the line between bondage wear and ready-to-wear since 2010. And, in 2011 designer Dani Read debuted FYI, a line of “luxury lingerie that’s not for the faint at heart.” The line features a pair of underwear with long, silk ties sewn onto the back — just in case your evening finds you in need of some impromptu bondage.
So, for those who dare, and we present 12 lingerie looks to help any woman begin (or extend) her fetish-wear collection. (Warning: A few of the images ahead are mildly NSFW.)
Photographed by Isa Wipfli; Modeled by Bridget at Muse Management; Modeled by Yulia at Red Model Management; Styled by Daniela Gutmann; Makeup by Bethany Brill; Hair by Natasha Leibel at Artists by Timothy Priano; Photo assistance by Adrienne Laster.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
A see-through, lace skirt over flesh-toned underwear feels more subtle than going for sheer over black.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
This belt shines as a functional, bedroom accessory and, if you're feeling especially daring, we think it looks fantastic worn over a printed dress.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
Masks can be used in a variety of ways — from creating sensory deprivation to actually preventing the wearer from speaking. This more stylized version will accommodate a ball gag, or it can be worn as-is.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
A soft, silk baby doll dress is a lingerie staple — and another nice option for beginners.

Bex NYC Leather Gloves; Brian Atwood Shoes.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
These leather glovettes feature two attached, stainless steel hooks and can double as handcuffs during bondage play. Of course, the dog collar can be worn during role playing and submission, but it also makes a nice, strong accessory for daily wear.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
Caging on lingerie is more practical than some of the other embellishments here. These bras actually do work as functional foundation garments that won't be uncomfortable under your clothes.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
These binding briefs feature long, silk ties attached to the back to make a little light bondage easy to achieve. Not into getting tied up? You can also wind the ties around your body and tie in a giant bow.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
Just one last bit of proof that accessories are everything.

Agent Provocateur Shoes.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
This pair of underwear re-envisions the sexy suspender. Wear them with or without a bra.

FYI By Dani Read Underwear.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
This leather belt features a built-in whip. Just in case.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
For a more entry-level approach, the strap details on these sheer tights evoke bondage ties (without actually requiring any bondage).
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
A garter belt is a timeless, awesomely sexy piece, but dealing with slouchy nylon stockings is less fun. So, we paired these stay-up knee-high stockings with the belt. The clips aren't actually holding the stockings up, but it makes for an elegant, functional combo.

Cosabella Underwear Set; FYI By Dani Read Whip Belt.
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Photographed By Isa Wipfli.
Chaps are one of the most commonly fetishized garments. The silk construction on this pair make them a more comfortable alternative to leather chaps.

Lake and Stars Underwear,

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