Fendi “Invents” Four Fashion Ice Cream Flavors, Including Diet Coke & Aspirin

Todd Selby really gets around — and we're the better off for it. He manages to gain access to places we didn't even know existed, like fairytale lands where fashion magic takes place. For his most recent adventure, he celebrated the Whispered Grand Tour (it's a Maserati car thing), and toured all things Fendi, catching up with Silvia Fendi, who was asked to invent four new gelato flavors (Fan di Fendi, Mozzarella, Aspirin, and Coca Cola Light — Europe's version of Diet Coke). Lest you thought the Fendi Palazzo was just a perfume, and the Fendi Atelier was located in a warehouse…click through for these stunning shots, courtesy of Mr. Selby himself. (The Selby)

Photo: Via The Selby


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