Landon, Help! What’s A “Summer Fedora” Look Like?

Photo: Courtesy of rag&bone.
Rachel writes: "Help! For the longest time now, I've wanted to get a fedora to wear in the summer. Sometimes, I feel like they're just for fall, but then I see girls who wear theirs with shorts and tanks. However, I can't ever seem to find one that's proportioned right and won't give me a bad case of sweaty hat hair. Does the summer fedora exist?" A fedora can be one of the chicest things on the planet (two words: Humphrey Bogart). But, when done wrong, it can also be one of the tackiest (two words: Kevin Federline). To help you navigate the difference, its better to think of the "summer fedora" as simply an "all-weather" fedora. It's got to fit right (snug, not too tight), be waterproof, and most importantly, it can't be "summerfied" with straw or petite brims...unless you live in L.A., are a tool, and it is 2004. First, let's go through the reasons why fedoras are also a practical summer accessory, on top of being cool-looking. They're great for running errands in the rain. While most opt for baseball caps, a fedora offers 360-degree coverage. They enhance an outfit, instead of drawing away from it. I always get confused when I see a woman on the train in the morning wearing full office attire with a Yankees cap just plopped onto the top of her head, as if it's almost forced. And, they're perfect for bad hair days. I've known many a girlfriend in my day who wear one in the morning when they don't have time for a shower. But, when shopping for a fedora, you're just going to have to try on as many as you can until you find the one that sticks. (And, by stick, I mean the one that literally doesn't tip to the back with only a breath of wind or slips down your forehead with gravity.) The crown should rise about three to four inches from your head with about half an inch of space from your hair. The crease (also referred to as the pinch on cowboy hats) should be a valley no deeper than an inch. The brim, for most head shapes, should reach no further than three inches on all sides. And, the band that wraps around is totally optional (but, absolutely recommended). This wool Rag & bone fedora does just that (and more) in four different colors fit for pretty much any season. The construction of the fedora is just as fascinating as its wearability, too, as it takes a dizzying 80 steps — carried out by 100 people! — to make. Read more about what goes into the making of Rag & bone's signature accessory here. Happy shopping (and don't forget your tape measure). I hope this helps. See you next Saturday.

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