Christian, Vivienne, And Marc Make Fashionable Tarot Cards

We see that an unexpected opportunity will present itself in your near future. That is, if you pull Marc Jacobs's "Knight of Pentacle" card from the collection of designer tarot cards presented at the members-only National Arts Club in Gramercy Park, New York. "Contemporary Magic: A Tarot Deck Art Project," is a new exhibit curated by the club's Stacy Engman, who appointed famous artists (like Will Cotton), photographers (Terry Richardson, Patrick McMullan), and fashion designers (Karl Lagerfeld, Gareth Pugh, Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin) to each reinterpret and artfully design a 7" by 10" card for a complete 78-card tarot deck. Although we think anyone would freaked out by the "Death" card, we think Gareth Puth's picture of a mirrored black sea would soften the blow. What's in your fortune? (Stylelist)

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