Fashion Twins: Joanna Coles Looks Like Tilda Swinton’s Older, More Conservative Doppelganger

Tilda Swinton is one of those actresses, like Grace Kelly or even Jennifer Aniston, whose style everybody loves to bite. Recently, Kate Lanphear got a cut suspiciously similar to Ms. Swinton's, and now it seems that fellow UK-er Joanna Coles, EIC of Marie Claire , is edging closer and closer to Swinton territory. The hair! The makeup! Even the unusual garb—call us crazy, but doesn't Coles look the spitting image of Tilda Swinton from Michael Clayton? Of course, Joanna, who tends to sport more Dolce & Gabanna than Viktor & Rolf, is the more grown-up, conservative twin, but still, the resemblance is pretty uncanny. And, since both woman have been described as fearless and a little intimidating, maybe the appearance is more than skin-deep.
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Above, left, photo of Tilda Swinton via StyleBible.

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