Watch: Prada’s Version Of Chess Is Just All Wrong

Using what we first thought were shot glasses, Prada sets up a bizarre version of chess that involves nine pieces, which that take other pieces by spinning around them, and pawns that can move halfway across the board at once. A little bit confusing, a lotta bit crazy! But, considering the rest of Prada's world is also delightfully mixed-up and backwards, we'll be more lenient on the chess rules.
Directed by Steven Meisel, models Vanessa Axente, Magdalena Frackowiak, Madison Headrick, Elza Luijendijk, Iselin Steiro, and Anne Vyalitsyna show off Prada's fall '12 retro-futuristic collection in what looks like an empty, carpeted swimming pool from the Jetson's vacation home. The ladies cheer on the chess game by putting on and taking of their sunglasses, making snow angels on the carpet, and walking around in straight lines until they start what looks like the beginning of a very slow dance fight. It's hard to explain. Just watch it.

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