The Top 10 R29-Approved Instagrams To Follow

Since starting the Refinery29 Instagram account a year ago, I have to admit that I've become completely obsessed. It's the first thing I look at on my phone when I wake up, and between posting to the R29 account and my own personal one, I find myself thinking about post-worthy images, a lot.
But what's more exciting to me is the fact that I actually feel like Instagram has changed the way I see the world. I'm looking at the details now…in the gutters, on walls, in the sky, and especially at people's feet and nails.
I follow a lot of people, so it was tough for me to narrow my favorites down to a list of just 10 — but somehow, I managed to edit things down to the very best of the best. After considering the frequency of posts, the uniqueness of each user's point of view, how they were shot (yes, I'm an iPhone-only purist!), and the overall radness of their photos, I came up with my list of the top people to follow on Instagram. So, fire up those iPhones, and click on through!
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@AdamSenatori—Get vertigo from this aviator's bird's eye views. His tagline is "I make the world's most expensive Instagrams." We appreciate it.
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@GaryPepperGirl—An Australian style blogger (not to mention street style star) with a taste for bright colors. Her feed provides plenty of eye candy.
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@BexFinch—Expect tabletops, landscapes, and serious globe-trotting snaps from this SF-based photographer with a case of wanderlust.
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@Facehunter—Follow Ivan as he captures the street style, skylines, and friendly faces from around the world.
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@Bergdorfs—Accessory envy, NYC snapshots, the occasional delicious-looking donut, and way, way more than you would expect from a department store. We love!
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@ThisWildIdea—A man, a dog, and the open road. Did I mention the dog has the uncanny ability to balance atop strange objects? Yeah, it's worth checking out.
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@CocoRocha—Being a supermodel, Coco makes some pretty fierce faces in even fiercer places. We love the ones where she's mugging with billboards of herself.
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@EDroste—Travel the world vicariously with the frontman of Grizzly Bear. Each photo he takes is like a mini vacation to us!
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@HarryBeeeNYC—This dude really knows how to party. We can get our beauty rest and feel like we've been out all night through this NYC-based creative director's fun party snaps.
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@PartnersAndSpade—This branding agency consistently posts odd-ball designs, geometry, color studies, and humorous sightings, making for an eclectic — and inspirational! — account to follow.
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@Refinery29—Time for a little self-promotion! Follow us for a peek into our office hijinx, the dogs of R29, lovely accessories, NYC scenery, and anything else that catches the fancy of our creative director (and IG-er in chief) @PieraLuisa

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