Accessories Stalking! Summer’s Small Statements

Though it might seem counterintuitive, in the season when most of us want to wear less, the things people add to their outfits end up being the best parts of summer style. Maybe it's about economy; in the winter months, we can be a little sloppy with each of our pieces, especially if we're wearing half the contents of our closets at once to beat the chill. But now? Each one of the few items we deign to put on counts for that much more, which is especially true for accessories.
With more color, pattern, prints, and textures adorning our bags, shoes, sunglasses, and jewelry, the style stalking these days is crazy good. Tourists might be looking up at the buildings, other folks might be staring at their phones, and our friends might be glancing into shop windows, but we've got sprinkler-system neck from trying to scope out all the good stuff we're seeing on the streets. Take stock of some of the sweet outfit add-ons we've recently snapped.