6 Faux Piercings You Have To Try

Many of us have our ears pierced and nothing else. Okay, maybe a second lobe piercing if you were feeling extra-rebellious in your teenage years. That said, the less-pierced among us have always admired other peoples' adorned cartilages, noses, and eyebrows — despite being too chicken to deck out our own. (This scene from The Parent Trap scarred us for life).
Turns out, there's an easy and completely painless workaround Lindsay Lohan wasn't privy to back in the day. Wherever you fall on the piercing spectrum — from "needles make me nauseous" to "bring on the gauges" — you'll love the six faux-hole ideas ahead, which draw upon fall's best jewelry trends (looking at you, Rodarte brows) and make them accessible to all.
This slideshow will be an especially great resource for those looking to test out a piercing style before wholly committing — as well as for scaredy-cats, like this editor, who prefer the imitation to the real deal. Even if you are already pierced from nose to navel (kudos to you) the styling tips and tricks we've culled definitely won't be for naught. We hope you have your mental notebook at the ready.
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