Factory Girl: The Jumpsuit Has a Blue-Collar Moment

jumpsuits0923A.jpgFrom left to right: Topshop Unique, Alexander Wang, DKNY, Topshop Unique
We've been on the jumpsuit train for the last few seasons…since those first grown-up onesies started popping up on the streets and in various ahead-of-their time designer look-books (hint: Acne). We still love jumpsuits, but we're even more seduced by the recent influx of denim versions cruising the runways. Very working-class factory girl, in a good way. Is it just us, or do the acid-washed looks from Topshop's latest collection remind you at all of the Borderline video?
From left to right: Topshop Unique, Boy by Band of Outsiders, Danielle Scutt, Preen

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