The Worst (Or Best) Thing To Happen To Facebook

Since Facebook knows we love spying on our old college pal's ubiquitous two-people-holding-hands-one-with-a-big-rock photos, the social network has decided to promote engagements as a notification. Now, when a lucky couple announces their love to 500 of their closest friends, it pops up to the top of your news feed.
FB has hinted at doing this with other watershed events, but this is the first one that has been rolled out. Internet gawkers can now write on both of the couple's walls and even see their FB courtship play out on a friendship page. You can even Like their engagement, too, which is probably one way to get yourself invited to their tropical destination wedding. This, everyone, is the world in which we live. Whatever happened to a handwritten note? (Does us asking this mean we are turning into our mothers?) (The Verge)

Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop


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