8 Face Primers That Will Make You Believe In Face Primers

Primers, like Tinder users, tend to be hit-or-miss. To find the partner (er, primer) of your dreams, you’ve gotta do some background work. Before clicking "add to cart," consider what kind will benefit your skin type and exactly how you’d like it to enhance your complexion. Because if you find the one that introduces you to the beauty-boosting abilities primers have to offer, then you might just never want to live without it.
Most makeup artists would undoubtedly tell you that they couldn’t do their jobs without the trusty help of primers. From red carpets to television appearances, they’re constantly working to make sure the makeup looks its absolute best and lasts as long as needed. Since they’re using them so often, it’s no surprise that their knowledge of primers is basically genius-level.
Since our familiarity isn’t quite up to par, we turned to the experts to find out how to best use the primers we already love. Hey, who wants to shell out hard-earned cash money on a product and not be aware of all the fabulous ways to use it? Definitely not us. Luckily, makeup artists Jenna Kristina, Robert Sesnek, and Kindra Mann weighed in with their expertise on these base-perfecting products. Ahead, check out their tips for getting the most out of your face primer.

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