We Worked Out In Fabletics' Most Supportive Sports Bra & Here's How It Held Up

To help you find workout gear that's as functional as it is stylish, we're trying out the latest products and letting you know how they fare when we put them to the test.
If there's one thing you should know about Fabletics, besides the fact that Kate Hudson started it, it's that their stans are really dedicated. Take one look at the customer reviews on products, or read one of the many fan accounts on Instagram, and you'll see what I mean. Now, if you're not familiar with Fabletics, it's an activewear brand that specializes in affordable, on-trend clothes. You can either shop for individual items or become a member for access to legit discounted prices and loyalty rewards. Each month, they announce new styles to choose from, and members eagerly wait for the drop.
This month, Fabletics members were excited about the Zoe Zip-Up High Support Sports Bra, which is exactly what it sounds like: a supportive sports bra for high-impact workouts, that has a zipper in the front. The bra looks intense, with wide straps, two front hooks, a big zipper, and a thick band. But considering how inexpensive it is (for members, it's only $24.97), the big questions are, does it perform as well as pricier options out there? And is it comfortable?
According to Karen Pornillos, vice president of design and fashion director at Fabletics, the Zoe is engineered for high-impact workouts, like running or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). "All women experience bras in their own unique way, and our goal is to ensure comfort and as much impact support with adjustability and compression," she says. People tend to be very picky about sports bras (for good reason), so Fabletics met with members to get their feedback on this particular bra. One thing they wanted was a zipper so it's easier to take on and off. "Putting a bra on, and especially taking it off post sweat-session is an ordeal," she says.
But putting the Zoe on is kind of an ordeal as well — or, it's at least a three-step process. You have to first slide your arms in like a jacket, hook the two clasps, and then zipper it up. I usually wear a 34B bra, and tend to choose seamless sports bras that are more like tube socks than chastity belts, so I wasn't sure how this would feel. The fabric is smooth, so it doesn't feel uncomfortably tight, and you can't really feel it once it's on, which was shocking. I did take out the pads that it comes with, because I just didn't need them.
Rebecca Farley, an entertainment editorial assistant at Refinery29, also tried the Zoe, and was equally outside her comfort zone. "I don't love a fancy sports bra — netting, pockets, jewels and other doodads all tend to complicate the process of working out," she told me. She told me she also prefers a sturdy bra, and that the more smushed everything is, the better — and I definitely agree. She usually wears a size 30DD, and opted for a size small Zoe.
I wore the bra for two sweaty workouts, an indoor cycling class and an outdoor run. In terms of support, Zoe is great. On a run, it was basically bounce-proof thanks to the thick straps, which are plush and adjustable. I wore a medium, which I realized was probably too big for me, because it started to chafe in the armpits mid-way through my jog. (FWIW, 20% of Fabletics reviewers said that it fit a half-size too small.)
Rebecca told me that she ran sprints in the Zoe, and thought that everything was plastered in place, but worried that if she ran more than 10 miles in this bra, some chafing might occur around the band (which was the loosest part). For indoor cycling chafing wasn't an issue, probably because I wasn't moving as much. And I find that sometimes holding bike handlebars leads to an unwanted cleavage moment, so I appreciated how high cut this bra was.
After a workout, the zip front makes it easy to whip off without dislocating your shoulders, so that's a definite bonus. And you should probably should whip it off ASAP, because Rebecca and I both thought it took a while for sweat to dry off from this fabric.
So, should you get this sports bra?
Fabletics delivers, which is somewhat surprising given the price point. If you're looking for an inexpensive, supportive sports bra that provides lots of coverage, this is a good option. It's pretty heavy duty, so it's probably best for workouts like HIIT and running, and if straps, hooks, and zippers annoy you, you might want something a little sleeker. But if you usually wear just a sports bra to work out, you'll dig this one.
*Fabletics provided Refinery29 with the product for testing purposes.
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