Snatch Up Tickets To the Los Angeles Film Festival While You Still Can!

Movie fans, rejoice! The Los Angeles Film Festival is set to have some stunning movie premieres this year, not to mention a selection of great films from Cannes, Sundance, and South by Southwest. From the story of a beloved man who commits a terrible crime, to an in-depth look at The New York Times in an age when newspapers are crumbling left and right, to Guillermo Del Toro's new film about a young girl who struggles to stay away from monsters, the festival boasts enough big names and titles to be considered on par with its legendary counterparts. And, with tickets costing $5 and $13 depending on the movie, you can definitely afford to sneak a few films into your schedule. But you'd better move fast—many of the movies are no longer available for pre-order (don't worry, there'll be rush lines an hour before each screening), so check out the film guide and grab those remaining seats while you still can! (NBC)

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