French Girls Vs. It-Brits: Which Chick Clique Will You Root For?

No matter your nationality or current postal code, there's something that makes you and your neighborhood crew of women uniquely cool. Of course, when you're Etre Cecile cofounder Yasmin Sewell who lives in London, has roots in Australia, a retail collaboration in America, and legions of fans all around the world, it can be hard to pick a gang. But naturally, she has a creative solution.
In promotion of Etre Cecile's pre-spring collection full of cheeky graphic sweatshirts celebrating girls, the brand has created a film that captures its two most loyal fan bases — Paris and London crews — in a head-to-head swan boat competition. Held in Jersey, UK, smack-dab between the two cities, it's an all-out scrimmage. It's messy bangs versus bows. Mariner stripes versus graphic tees. Cigarettes versus chokers. It's shit-talking, liquor-swilling French girls against a punk-meets-princess British twosome.
Click through to see who ends up winning, and then try for an opportunity to get some gear for your own gang, too. Take a screengrab of your favorite scene from the video and post it to Instagram and tag @etre_cecile and @refinery29 along with the hashtag #whosinyourgang for a chance to win four T-shirts from the collection to outfit your clique. Follow @etre_cecile, @papermachetiger, @yasminsewell, and @refinery29 to see all of our favorite snaps, too. The winner will be announced this Wednesday at 12 p.m. EST!

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