An Anti-Aging Treatment That Actually Works

Photo: Courtesy of Erno Laszlo.
It's a common misconception that the term "anti-aging" doesn't have to enter your skin care vocabulary until you've cleared your '20s. It makes sense — you're typically not thinking about wrinkles yet, and it's not like you're going to see many physical signs of anti-aging products actually working. After all, what's there to lift? Don't be fooled, though: It is actually important to start adding these bottles to your collection. In the case of Erno Laszlo's Timeless Skin Serum, the results will even be immediate — they just may not be about fine lines.
This spectacular little serum works to achieve a few things, but it's primarily an anti-aging potion. Ingredients like vitamins B, C, and E kick in to help reverse environmental damage and buff away those pesky wrinkles. Other ingredients take it a step further: Yeast extract, glycosaminoglycans (which support collagen), and dermaxyl (which stimulates cell circulation) all work together to (you guessed it) plump your skin. If wrinkles aren't on your radar — or your face — quite yet, this is where you'll see the benefits.
After a facial at the Erno Laszlo Institute, my aesthetician tossed me a bottle of this stuff. I have to say, I raised an eyebrow — mostly because I, too, thought that anything anti-aging would be overkill for a 24-year-old. I was nevertheless advised to use it twice a day, in the morning and at night, after I toned, but right before my moisturizer.
I've been using the serum for about two months, and the change in my skin is incredible. It feels super light going on, and I spread it all over my face and neck, even concentrating a bit of it around my eyes. After just a few days, my skin tone improved drastically. No longer am I plagued with strange splotches of skin around my nose and forehead. Instead, I'm left with a smooth, plump, hydrated face. Truthfully, I've even pulled back on my foundation use. That's how much my skin has improved.
The serum also has a slight luminosity to it that adds instant glow to your skin. Smooth it on before your moisturizer, and you'll see an almost-immediate improvement; over time, it claims to aid in improving hydration, smoothness, elasticity, tone, fine lines, and wrinkles — and I believe it. You may not think that anti-aging has an immediate place in your skin care regimen, but think again. You're going to want to add this one ASAP.
Erno Laszlo Timeless Skin Serum, $140, available at Nordstrom.

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