The Best Engagement Ring For You — According To Your Sign

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
These days, lots of couples are taking a collaborative approach to shopping for an engagement ring. After all, you’ll (hopefully) be wearing this ring for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure it reflects your personal style — and your evolving tastes. But whether you're actually ready to go ring-shopping or you just want to get a sense of what styles appeal to you, you might not know where to start.
Well, how about looking to the stars for guidance? We asked astrologer and writer Christie Craft to walk us through different engagement-ring styles, and explain what types of rings are most compatible with each astrological sign. And, let’s just say her insights are scarily accurate. Ahead, Craft breaks down the best ring shapes, cuts, and stones for every bride — from the flashy Aries to the flip-flopping Gemini.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Aries: Radiant-Cut Diamonds

"As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries needs to see and be seen, making this super-sparkly, showy cut ideal for the Ram’s fun, competitive nature. Mars, planet of energy and action, gives this fire sign command of crowds as well as a sharp, direct sense of style. Never one to shy from the spotlight, Aries will adore the way light bounces and shimmies off a radiant-cut gemstone, combining the statement of an emerald cut with the glamour of round-cut diamonds, ensuring no one upstages them."

Ritani Gold Radiant Cut Ring, $3,230, available at Ritani.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Taurus: Asscher Art Deco

"Asscher-cut stones are uniquely balanced, square shapes with a timeless Art Deco appeal Taurus’ simple-yet-classic design aesthetic can’t resist. Taurus is far from being the most dramatic of the 12 signs, but these earthy creatures are ruled by Venus, goddess of true beauty, luxury, and romance, giving them a tasteful eye for design and value. But secretly, Taurus the Bull thrives off of drama generated by anything but themselves, like the attention they’re sure to soak up while rocking this rock."

Joshua J. Fine Jewelry Asscher Cut Ring, price upon request, available at Joshua J. Fine Jewelry.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Gemini: Mixed-Metal Settings

"Geminis are known to be ruled by their two sides, always flip-flopping from one extreme to the next. Mercurial Gemini can never make up their minds — and when it comes to an engagement ring, they shouldn't have to. Choose a mixed-metal setting combining gold and platinum or silver. Don’t be bashful about taking the look further by rocking accent jewelry in contrasting and clashing metals — air signs such as Gemini can’t resist a sartorial challenge."

Anna Sheffield Hazeline Classic Engagement Ring, $10,000, available at Anna Sheffield.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Cancer: Heart-Shaped Stones

"Cancer isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, and certainly isn't shy when it comes to letting the world know her marital status, even in the mushiest of ways. Super girly, romantic, and unusual, heart-shaped diamonds and gemstones are the perfect match for Cancer’s sentimental soul. Combine diamonds with colored gemstones (like rubies, sapphires, or faceted tourmaline) for an ethereal, otherworldly look that still tickles Cancer’s sweet sense of irony. Even better? Go for white or gray moonstone, honoring Cancer’s planetary ruler, Mother Moon."

Danhov Per Lei Single Shank Heart Ring, $3,960, available at Danhov.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Leo: Colored, Emerald-Cut Statement Diamonds

"Leave it to Leo, ruled by the Sun King, to love the most ostentatious of celebrity trends: the emerald-cut statement diamond engagement piece, in a canary-yellow hue or even a cotton-candy pink. Leos need you to know exactly where they stand on the stage — the world is their show, after all — and the sharp clarity of a dramatic emerald cut showcasing a uniquely colored gem is just the thing to set them apart. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck called: They want their huge engagement ring back."

Bliss Lau Visible Crescent Ring, $1,180, available at Bliss Lau.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Virgo: East-West Rings

"East-West engagement rings feature an oblong diamond or gemstone set horizontally on a metal band, instead of vertically, like more traditional engagement pieces. Steady Virgo may not seem like one to buck tradition with a quirky risk to their everyday aesthetic, but their warm, earthen hearts crave unique, streamlined designs that stand out in a crowd. Choose a classic diamond in a brilliant cut — Mercury-ruled Virgo can’t refuse an opportunity to mix the contemporary with the old-school to a dazzling, but understated effect."

Rebecca Overmann Teardrop Ring, $3,600, available at Esqueleto.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Libra: Solitaire Diamonds

"Libra gravitates toward a classic aesthetic with timeless elegance, much like Grace Kelly. Ruled by the planet Venus — goddess of romance, beauty, and money — Libra’s taste level is posh, but anything but basic. When it comes to wearing one piece of jewelry for (hopefully) the rest of their lives, this air sign can’t go wrong with a major sparkler like a round-cut solitaire diamond in a traditional gold or platinum prong setting."

Custom Made Antique Round Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring, from $995, available at Custom Made.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Scorpio: Dark Diamonds

"As perennially chic as they are mysterious, black and dark chocolate-hued diamonds are on the rise in wedding and commitment jewelry, rejecting stereotypes as ominous, macabre — or even unlucky. These deep, dramatic gems aren’t for the faint of heart or the flighty, which is exactly why subterranean Scorpio is so drawn in. Water sign Scorpio is as profound a thinker as they are a lover and partner — suffice it to say, the black diamond’s endless depth is as infinite and inescapable as their passion and love."

Anna Sheffield Round Rosette Ring, $3,500, available at No.3.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Sagittarius: Multiple-Stone Shockers

"Fiery Sag is full of surprises — in fact, this ultra-positive, sunny sign practically lives off of energy derived from their shock-and-awe sense of style and adventuresome attitude. Ruled by optimistic, faithful Jupiter, Sagittarius will never turn down a stylish opportunity to show off their fireworks — especially for whomever is courageous and exciting enough to capture their wild heart. Multiple-stone shockers (like a cluster of diamond baguettes dancing around a statement stone, or a full-on gem-encrusted band) make it clear that Sagittarius is dedicated to living and loving on the edge."

Metier Antique Art Deco 18K White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring, $3,275, available at Metier.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Capricorn: Tomboy Bezel Settings

"Typically outdoorsy, active Capricorn isn’t one to fuss with extravagant, ostentatious jewelry every single day — not for anyone. Some Caps are so pragmatic, they choose not to wear any engagement jewelry, letting their actions and energy declare their heart’s commitment. Barring a bare ring finger, this practical-minded earth sign wouldn’t complain about slipping on a simple, one-stone wedding ring in a practical bezel setting that won’t snag during workouts, hiking, yard work, and other earthy activities."

Jennie Kwon Designs Gray Diamond Slice Ring, $2,480, available at Jennie Kwon Designs.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Aquarius: Alternative Stones

"Aquarius doesn’t need anyone to tell them what stones and styles are appropriate for wedding jewelry; that’s actually a surefire way to get disinvited from their wedding. Alternative gemstones in all colors, hues, luminosities, and carats, from amethyst to Zultanite, are ripe for trailblazing Aquarius, the true rebel of the zodiac. Ruled by the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision Uranus, Aquarius is keenly aware of the humanitarian turmoil swirling around the diamond industry, and are likely the first ones to think outside of the box for greater good. Besides, curious, explorative Aquarius is less interested in investing big money on decorating their ring finger than they are on saving cash for their honeymoon adventure, likely to someplace exotic, remote, or unusual."

Melissa Joy Manning Dendritic Agate Ring, $850, available at Melissa Joy Manning.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Pisces: Vintage Pieces

"Dreamy Pisces loves to get stuck in clouds of fantasy, or spend hours diving to depths of their oceanic mind other signs can’t truly fathom. No one ring manufactured — even in small atelier batches — will do for this watery dreamweaver. Neptune, planet of illusion, spirituality, and abstract thought, rules Pisces the Fishes, giving this sign a lust for anything with a rich history or backstory, be it imagined or based in truth. Hunt for a unique vintage engagement piece by haunting local estate sales and working with trusted, credible vintage jewelry dealers."

Vintage Georgian Flower Ring, available at Esqueleto.

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