This Is The Best Argument For Not Checking Your Email After Work

Photographed by Ruby Yeh.
We've just started the week, and already we're feeling behind on emails. Thankfully, this new infographic from Happify gives us a science-backed case for making the most of our online time — and then unplugging. For real. According the infographic, over half of us check our email after work, but just 21% of workplaces have specific policies about communicating outside of working hours. As one study suggested, this causes a sense of "telepressure," which makes us feel responsible for things that could probably be totally fine if we left them until the next day. And, those who are under more telepressure tend to take more sick days and get worse sleep than those who don't check their email as often after work.  Obviously, we aren't going to only use technology during working hours, either. So, instead, we should make the most of our online interactions by seizing on what they do best. For instance, Instagramming a cute pic with your partner or texting a friend "good luck" before a job interview allows us to stay connected, even if time is in short supply. Still, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, so try one of Happify's tricks for living a more balanced digital life. For instance, you can set specific email-checking times on the weekend and ignore it the rest of the day. Or, try to unplug completely for just one day per month. Check out the full infographic below for more ideas.

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