Normal Teen? Elle Fanning Doesn't Wear Makeup, Does Wear Marni

When we see bright young stars making their mark in Hollywood 10 years our junior, we can't help but envy admire them — and ask them how they got so style wise beyond their years. Elle Fanning is obvs one of those people, and while attending the NYC premiere and press junket for her new movie We Bought A Zoo, a Cameron Crowe-directed pic starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, we had to ask this mini trend-setter which designers she just has to have, and how she keeps her teenage skin so flawless. Elle tells us, "I love Marc Jacobs for sure. I always buy vintage clothes so sometimes I really don't know the designers that I'm wearing, and I like Marni shoes a lot." When asked how she maintains her lovely skin and hair, Elle reveals to us that she's the all-natural kind of gal. "I think at my age especially, less is more," she says. "If I were ever to do a makeup thing, it would probably be a '60s thing like black eyeliner, like cat-eye." Hey young Fanning, couldn't agree more (did you get a load of this yet)! Keep it up, kid.
Photo: Courtesy of Fox

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