How This R29 Editor Is Treating Her Maskne

We have some bad news: Even the most beautiful mask — whether it's shaded in the prettiest pink or crafted in the most exquisite fabric or affixed with ribbon-like streamers — can incite skin woes. Any form of barrier around the nose and mouth area "can lead to a build up of sweat and oil on the skin under the mask," says NYC-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, "which can lead to inflammation, rashes, and acne breakouts." Or, in other words, maskne.
Take it from R29 social media editor Hannah Bullion, who has experienced her share of mask-induced breakouts, leading her to conceive a skin-care routine that specifically targets the issue. "I'm just trying to use this time at home to take care of and embrace my skin — pimples and all," she says. Watch her new routine, above, using products she picked up from the CVS Epic Beauty Event, including Aveeno's Clear Complexion foaming cleanser that's formulated with salicylic acid to treat breakouts and a dark spot corrector from Garnier to help lighten hyperpigmentation.

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