The 5 Best Foods In NYC, Straight From The Hairpin’s Founding Editor

Given that we work in an industry surrounded by beautiful things and people who wear them, girl crushes aren't all that few and far between. Case in point: We may be swooning over Alessandra Lanvin's impeccable skin and crushin' on Zosia Mamet's fresh 'do, but we also can't get enough of Cara Delevingne's everything. Still, not all of our beloved ladies are strutting down cobblestone streets — some are sitting behind computer screens just like us.
Meet: Edith Zimmerman, the wickedly hilarious brainiac behind The Hairpin, a whip-smart website that reads like The New Yorker on its second glass of wine. Naturally, having referred to her web mecca source on everything from food-themed getups to innovations in deodorant, we had to know what this literary silly had to say about food. Specifically, the best food she's ever eaten in New York City. What we didn't expect was that she'd hit us back with an unparalleled mix of sushi slices, deviled eggs, and frozen margaritas the size of your head. (Yup, you got that right — even her mealtime choices are amusing!).
Take a look at her five faves, and get ready to dream of joining her at Dallas BBQ happy hour.
Arctic Char Plate at Littleneck
"A couple friends and I went to Littleneck the other week for brunch, but we were too late, and it was closing the kitchen to prep for dinner. I know one of the owners, though, and while we were drinking mimosas and figuring out where to go, he gave us a small plate of arctic char, creme fraiche, dill, buttered baguette-toast, and sliced hard-boiled eggs. That was probably the fanciest I've felt in a while. Then last weekend we went back, on time, and I got the regular-sized version of that dish. It was still great. Arctic char...I could eat that forever."
Littleneck, 288 3rd Avenue (at Carroll Street); Brooklyn; 718-522-1921.

Hummus at Damascus Bakery
"The roasted red pepper hummus from Damascus Bakery on Atlantic Avenue is pretty perfect. Smooth and creamy and exactly right. I eat it with a spoon, usually. Or, with some of the cucumber salad. Also the labneh is great. Everything it has is so good. It's almost too much."

Damascus Bread & Pastry Shop, 195 Atlantic Avenue (at Court Street); Brooklyn; 718-625-7070.

Photo: Courtesy of Littleneck

Deviled Eggs at Flatbush Farm
"The deviled eggs at Flatbush Farm Bar come with little mound of pickled hot peppers (I think that's what they are), and a dab of the yolk mixture on the bottom to keep them in place. Four to an order. If there's a dish I've ordered the most this past year, it'd probably be this one, by a ridiculous margin."
Flatbush Farm Bar, 76 Saint Marks Avenue (between 6th and Flatbush Avenues); 718-622-3276.
Piña Colada at Dallas BBQ
"The Texas-sized frozen pina colada at Dallas BBQ, with an extra shooter or two. And at any location, but the one on Livingston Street if I had to pick. I guess it's technically disgusting, but it's also so wonderful. And huge. Wonderful and huge."
Dallas BBQ, 180 Livingston Street (at Smith Street); Brooklyn; 718-643-5700.
Toro Belly at Bohemian
"I had some perfect toro belly at Bohemian the other night. Although I think all toro belly is perfect, and Bohemian's hidden and mysterious-seeming (to me, at least!), and I'd never been there before, so it was all kind of heightened. But also, the toro belly was perfect. There's a cool toilet there, too. It took me by surprise!"
Bohemian, 57 Great Jones Street (at Bowery); unlisted.
Photo: Flatbush Farms/Michael Roberts