These Makeup Looks Are The Total Opposite Of Boring

Raise your hand if you did your makeup on autopilot this morning. (Go ahead, no one's looking.) It's completely understandable. Day in and day out, our routines don't differ that much. We swipe on our favorite lipstick, add mascara, have our coffee, and run out the door. But remember when makeup It was part of this experimental world where wacky colors were fair game and we weren't afraid of what anyone else thought.

So we're making a vow. We're re-embracing that carefree spirit with the help of makeup artist Michael Anthony and the brand that has always encouraged us to shake things up, Maybelline. Ahead, you'll find three makeup looks that let you draw, finger paint, and just generally play with makeup, color, and style. Maybe you're not going to wear these styles during your 9-to-5 (unless you happen to work at the R29 offices). But the next time you look inside your makeup bag, remember — there's more to life than the same ol' routine.

Draw The Line
If you're looking to inject more creativity into your beauty look, eyeliner is a good place to start. Because what better way to bring out your inner sketch artist than with a tool made for drawing?
Photographed by Ryan Michael Kelly.
For this look, Anthony played on the concept of floating liner. Start by drawing a teardrop shape in the inner corner of each eye, just below your brow. Then, extend the tail out into a line that follows the arch of your brow and floats just above your crease. (It's best to use a thin-tipped liner for this, so you can get super precise.)

Go ahead and color in your outlined shape. Then, draw a line straight out from the outer corner of your eye. Sketch in short bursts to connect this to your floating arc. Finally, drag your liner along your lower lashline, starting thickest at the inner corner and getting thinner as you work outward.
Photographed by Ryan Michael Kelly.
French Connection dress, Vintage top, Zana Bayne choker.
When your liner's extra daring, your lashes should go the opposite route. Keep them soft, fluttery, and fanned out. Anthony used Maybelline's Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara, which has a tapered wand, so you can reach even those itty-bitty lashes in the inner corners of your eyes.

This look is admittedly badass, but if you don't want it to veer into over-the-top territory, keep everything else simple. Add just a touch of blush, swipe on a light-pink lip color, and embrace the attitude.
Allover Warmth
Now that you've been a student of clean and precise shapes — forget everything. This look is all about blurring the lines and letting colors blend together. Remember the aforementioned finger painting? Now's the time to dust off your elementary art skills.
Photographed by Ryan Michael Kelly.
Start by using your ring finger to blend a Champagne-colored cream shadow across each lid. Then, tap a cream shadow in a rich, chocolaty brown through your crease to create depth. Once you have this base, customize your color. You can intensify the shades as little or as much as you'd like by layering on powder shadows in the same color family. When your lids are good to go, use a flat nylon shadow brush to drag a brown powder shadow along your lower lashline, then blend and soften it with your ring finger.
Photographed by Ryan Michael Kelly.
Halston Heritage top, Amarcord Vintage fur, Swarovski ring and necklace.
Now go wash your hands. Good? Okay. Get out a pink cream blush, and use your fingers to tap and blend it over the apples of your cheeks. Finish the look with a swipe of matte pink lip gloss. Anthony blended together a hot-pink shade with a bubblegum-pink one to get the perfect tone. But go ahead and use whatever one (or two or three) speaks to you. There are no rules here!

Watercolor Washes
We're big fans of any makeup look that takes a "the messier, the better" approach. And although it may not appear so at first, Anthony says this look is actually the easiest of the bunch, because it can be as painterly as you desire.
Photographed by Ryan Michael Kelly.
First, break out the colors you want to work with. Anthony used a mix of cream shadows in metallic golds and browns with jewel tones, like purple and blue. Swipe on dashes of color, either with a brush or your fingers, alternating between shades. This is completely abstract, so don't fear if it looks Picasso-esque at first. Then, you can get more precise as you apply color along your lower lashline. Use the tip of a shadow crayon to draw in smaller dashes of color, so the shade doesn't extend too far below your eyes. Finally, take a flat makeup brush and buff and blend out all your shades into solid swatches of color.

Your eyes take center stage in this look, so feel free to call it a day. Brush up your brows, swipe on some lip balm, and that's it. Change — it's a beautiful thing, isn't it?
Photographed by Ryan Michael Kelly.
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