10 Super Simple Recipes For Our #TakeOutTakeout Challenge

A few months back, Zoe Bain went boldly where neither of us had gone before: She completely barred herself from anything takeout (yes, even coffee) for two entire weeks, including the weekends. Everything she consumed had to be made by her own two hands, in her own kitchen (or someone had to cook for her, like I did one time in the entire two weeks... Sorry, Zoe!).
When Zoe wrote about her experience on Refinery29, we were amazed by how many of you responded, shared, commented on, and enjoyed her story. The one piece of feedback you had was that you wanted more — more info, more details, more everything — and you guys wanted to participate, too. So, as part of our New Year, Do You initiative, we decided to do a 2.0 version of Zoe’s no takeout challenge, but this time we're going bigger and bolder than before by getting all of you in on the action.
Welcome to our #TakeOutTakeout Challenge: Starting January 4, 2016, Zoe and I vow not to consume ANY form of takeout whatsoever for two weeks — and that includes office coffee and snacks! Because we're hoping that you'll join us on this journey, we’re planning ahead and providing you with 10 easy-to-make recipes that will help you keep your fingers off the Seamless button. What's more, we’ll be blogging on R29 every day to let you know how we’re doing, what we’re learning, or why we're this close to giving up. You can participate by sending us pics with the hashtag #TakeOutTakeout on Instagram and Twitter — your posts and commentary could be included in our daily updates.
Whether your New Year’s resolution is to save money, cook more, or you just love a good challenge — join us! It’s going to be fun, torturous, interesting, and educational. And, we’ll all be in it together.

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