12 Weird-But-Amazing Ways To Keep Any Conversation Going

Designed by Natalia Grosner.
If you’ve ever attended an office party, group brunch, or first date, we’re willing to bet that you have, at one point or another, experienced the dreaded awkward silence. Characterized by nervous, fake laughter, sweaty palms, and the dangerous-but-uncontainable urge to blurt out anything just to fill the void, it’s a phenomenon that afflicts even the most gregarious among us.
Instead of launching into a rambling saga — or making a break for the closest exit — arm yourself with this collection of discussion-rousing questions. Crafted with the bon vivants behind Chambord raspberry liqueur, these 12 quirky icebreakers are all but guaranteed to banish conversational lulls. Commit 'em to memory; you’re about to become the life of the brunch table.

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