Don’t Sleep On This Go-To Solution For Dry Winter Skin

Designed by Michelle Lin.
Some things in life don’t mind a touch of neglect: That aloe plant you haven’t watered in months? Thriving. A heady Cabernet Sauvignon? Leave it alone and it’ll only get better with time. Skin, however, isn’t one of those things — especially in the wintertime when dryness will inevitably get the best of you, and your complexion. 
Fret not though, because there are a few unsung (and natural!) ingredient heroes — like jojoba oil, coconut, and our personal favorite, shea butter — that’ll not only keep your skin hydrated but also give it a next-level glow all season long. So, where does one find said ingredients? Enter: eos’ range of hand creams, lip tints, shave creams, and lip balms that both smell and feel amazing and also happen to be free of parabens, phthalates, and gluten. Ahead, we're giving you a refresher on these go-to winter products, all of which you'll want in your arsenal.

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