The Best Products For Your Skin Type — & They're ALL At The Drugstore

There is so much to love about the drugstore. There's the convenience, for one. And, of course, the prices. But the best thing about it also happens to be the one that can make you feel tired and indecisive under the too-bright fluorescent lights: There is a hell of a lot of stuff packed into the beauty aisles.
Unfortunately, the shelves aren't organized by skin type and samples aren't given out freely, so most of us tend to just reach for whatever we think we need from a brand we know. We take it home, try it for a week, and...nothing. Eventually, we just go to Sephora and splurge. But the problem isn't with the affordable products — it's not picking the right ones for our skin types. Here, we've broken them down into an easy guide to use the next time you hit up the corner shop. It's not all-encompassing, but it's just the thing you need to build a surefire starter arsenal.

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