Doutzen Kroes Reveals All For Calvin Klein

doutzen-kroesPhoto: BFA/Courtesy of Calvin Klein.
Cavorting around half-naked in front of a camera can be nerve-racking for even the most self-assured among us. Doing said cavorting opposite Charlie Hunnam, and while three months pregnant, is a feat that's only accomplishable if you happen to be Doutzen Kroes.
The Victoria's Secret model and mother of two is the face of Calvin Klein's latest scent, Reveal — one of the brand's most sensual fragrances to date — which features notes of pink pepper, ambergris, orris, and musk. In keeping with the name, the ad campaign is all kinds of steamy and, you guessed it, revealing. It's basically the Fifty Shades of Grey of perfume ads.
We sat down with Kroes to talk about her role with the brand, the surprising beauty trick she swears by, and the most important question of all: Just how amazing is Charlie Hunnam IRL?
Calvin Klein Reveal, $70, available at Macy's.
doutzen-kroes-2Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein.

What was your experience working on this campaign like?
"Well, I was working with people I know already — not Charlie, but everybody else. Calvin Klein is almost like an extended family: I worked with them for White Label and Eternity, and I’ve had a lot of work experience with them. The whole scenario was almost like a fantasy that never really happens — like seducing your neighbor. So, that was a lot of fun, and Charlie is great, and sweet and a gentleman."

We're kind of unhealthily obsessed with him. What was he like in person?
"He’s so professional! He was never inappropriate — he was just perfect. He was really sweet. And, I wasn’t wearing a lot, and I was pregnant — he was giving me a robe and asking if I needed anything."

We're swooning. Okay, let's talk about your beauty routine. What are some of your daily rituals? "Well, I just had a baby, so since then, I haven’t had that much time. So, I’m already happy if I get to take a shower in the morning. But, now with the little one, she needs attention. The other day, it took me five hours until I was in the shower. She didn’t want to go to sleep, and we needed to have some breakfast, and my other one was like, 'I’m hungry!' But, that’s totally fine. I go with the flow, and if I have time, I just go in the shower, put on moisturizer or my L'Oréal BB cream and mascara. That’s about it if I’m not working. If I’m working, I put on less because I’m going to the studio, and I get hair and makeup done there."

What about in the evening? What do you do at night to unwind?
"Um, I shower again. (laughs) ] I take a shower twice a day. I think that helps my mind a lot. Like, the water coming down, all the bad energy...goes away. I’m so bad with these things; I don’t even use cleanser. My aesthetician tries to give me all these products, like serums and stuff. I just want it to be simple — just one moisturizer, and I’m good."

So, we're guessing the South Korean 20-step skin-care routine doesn't really appeal to you, huh?
"Oh, my goodness! How do they have time for that? That’s time-consuming! If you think about it, spending time to do that each day — what a waste, kind of. I’d rather hang out with my kids."


Does that mean your beauty philosophy is a less-is-more approach?
"Yeah, definitely. I think it’s great to see skin. I don’t like when it looks cakey...I think it has to do with insecurity, too, when you put too much makeup on. I understand a little bit — with a little BB cream or foundation, I feel better, too. But, I think it’s beautiful when you can see the skin and a glow. I think when you’re happy and have a great life, that helps, too. It’s not just physical beauty, but also something that comes from inside."

Do you think that your diet and exercise have an effect on that?
"Yes, you can definitely tell when somebody eats unhealthily. I think it also helps when you eat sun-ripened produce instead of produce that's just been shipped and then ripened. I believe that when you eat food, your body absorbs it in a certain way. That's why fresh food is so important, and processed food is just dead."


Do you do anything differently when you’re working, or do you pretty much stay the same all year?
"Yeah, I pretty much have to stay the same all year 'round. Before the Victoria’s Secret [Fashion] Show, I exercise a little bit more and focus on certain areas. But, for this, I basically was ready. I mean, I was three months pregnant. I was still working out, and still doing arm exercises and leg exercises. If it’s a lingerie thing, then I would work a little bit more."

Who are your beauty icons?
"Grace Kelly — her style, beauty, and everything. I love Rihanna, her clothing style: She’s so cool. I love Gwyneth Paltrow — the way she looks, and I think she becomes more and more beautiful with age. Same with Angelina Jolie. I admire women like that. They seem so comfortable in their skin and look so beautiful because of that."

What’s your favorite part of your day?
"Evening: It's when I take a bath with my son. I love doing that and reading bedtime stories — and after that, I have time for myself."

Is there anything in particular you do, like after the kids have gone to bed, for "you" time?
"Social media. (laughs) I love going through Instagram a little bit, or watching a movie, or reading a book or magazine. I haven’t had much time for that, though..."

Are you really active on social media, or do you just read it? "I’m quite active...I’m not the person that posts 10 pictures a day: more like, every other day. And, I’m curious about what other people are doing. I’m trying to keep a balance — to not look at it all the time. It’s such a habit to just look at your phone all the time. I think it’s not a great example for your kids. I’ve talked to other moms, and we’re like, 'It’s so rude!'...We have a rule that when we’re eating dinner, or whenever we eat, we don’t touch our phones."

With fall starting, is there anything you’re really excited about?
"I like fall because of the leaves — especially in New York and on the East Coast [in general]. It’s so beautiful [when] the leaves are changing, and it’s such a beautiful time to get cozy again. I love the summer, but you can’t stop [the seasons from changing], so we might as well enjoy it. I like to just be at home, and be cozy and wearing big sweaters — and sometimes it’s more fun, because you can wear nice coats! In the summer, you can’t wear so much, because it’s so hot in New York. I think, fashion-wise, it’s more fun in the fall."

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