Please, Don’t Have A Hunger Games-Themed Wedding

We’re on the record as pro-Hunger Games (though we’re ecumenical on the Peeta/Gale debate). But a Hunger Games wedding featuring a bow-wielding Katniss bride, Panem-style catering, and a District 12 Appalachian setting? Sorry, young lovers, you’re doing it wrong.
Look, we appreciate the enthusiasm, but we just can't get behind America’s recent trend for such pop-culture-inspired weddings.
First, such ceremonies have a short expiration date. It won’t just be your kids recoiling with embarrassment at photos of bows, arrows, and taffeta — it’s you in five years…seven, tops. Fads come and go but, ideally, marriages don’t. Don’t root the memories of your "special day" in something that probably won’t be a part of your future.
Second, this is your wedding. It’s not Katniss’, it’s not Bella’s, and it’s really not Batman's. It’s YOUR wedding (it bears repeating). The story you’re telling with your ceremony is about you and your significant other — not something J.R.R. Tolkien wrote. As much as you might relate with a fictional character, they aren’t walking down the aisle to make a lifetime commitment. You are.
By the by, this goes for you boys with your flash-mob, social-media, and Muppet-inspired proposals, too. The most powerful, ballsy move in the world is looking a woman in the eye and simply asking her to spend the rest of her life with you. Everything else is a cheap stunt.

So, if you really want to write a tale of true romance on your wedding day, just be yourself — pure and simple — and leave the pop-culture references for evenings on the couch. Unless, of course, you want a
Star Trek
wedding, ‘cause that’s just hilarious.

Photo: via My Hunger Games.


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