Doggie Bag: Will Does W. Again, Zoe Gives Us the Finger, and The Cos is Back

pmlinks1017.jpgSit your ass on a titan's head and feel like you're king of the world. (FWD)
Will Ferrell will reprise his W. impersonation on Broadway. This is the best news all week. Hell, all month. (Huffington Post)
Now Zoe, gestures like that are not becoming of a lady—even when you aim them at the paparazzi. (X17)
These rings could rekindle our love for Romantic classical music. Usually, we're more in Baroque. (High Snobiety)
Oop. The T Magazine women's winter fall fashion issue is online. Looks like our Sunday is all set. (The Moment)
Paging Dr. Huxtable, Cosby sweaters are finally coming back around again. (NYMag)

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