Doggie Bag: Audrey as Coco, Rei's New Homme, and Cutting Costs on Madison Avenue

pmlinks1114.jpgThe first shot of Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel raises our hopes sky high. (Cyana Trend Land)
James Bond, natty as usual, if a tad more fem. (The Cut)
More than a few out there are digging the look at the prices of Hayden-Harnett's Target line. (The Budget Fashionista)
Hot off her H+M collection debut, Rei Kawakubo seems set to launch a new mens' line, Homme Deux. (Men's Rag)
It's not like black is the new black. More like Black is the new black. (Huffington Post)
How Madison Avenue shoppers are cutting back on fashion in order to keep up their diets of caviar and truffle oil. (The Cut)
Seize sur Vingt opens up in the Plaza. Alas, there is no backyard. (Racked)
What should Mrs. Obama wear on the cover of Vogue? (Jezebel)

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