Do You Know About Kanye's "Rosewood Movement"?

Kanye has had a lot to think about since his Swift snafu nearly a year ago. What he came up with is sort of a shift from his brash-'n'-clashing, in-your-face aesthetic that he espoused during NYFW three seasons ago. Called "The Rosewood Movement," Kanye insists that he and his crew clean up, tone down, and return back to the Rat-Pack-ish swagger embraced by gentlemen of yore. From designer suits, sharp tailoring, a curse-free lexicon, and polite manners, "The Rosewood Movement" is a welcome change is a welcome change for the megalomaniacal rapper/producer. Click through for photos from Kanye documenting this new leaf, including a party invite from a secret N.Y.C. performance last week that required suit jackets and hard-bottom shoes for men, and dresses for ladies. (WWD) (@KanyeWest)

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