The Newest Unicorn Food May Be Late To The Trend, But It Will Still Go Viral

Photo: Getty Images.
How many times in the last six months have we said, “Okay, this was fun, but we think the unicorn food trend is officially over?” At the end of 2016, we actually put together a list of food trends that we hoped wouldn’t follow us into the new year and unicorn food was at the very top. That seems laughable now since the tail end of April saw the release of Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino that basically broke the internet and the brains of baristas across the country. According to Harry Potter, unicorn blood is said to grant immortality so maybe that's why this trend just won't die. Even just a few weeks ago, when we started to see signs of an anti-unicorn movement — e.g. goth food and Chrissy Teigen saying she's "tired of adults liking unicorns" — we were yet again wrong in thinking that the mythical creature was on it's way out. Though it's late in the game, another unicorn food is making its debut tomorrow.
Dō, a popular confectionary in New York City that's known for making raw cookie dough that's safe to eat, announced today via Instagram that it would begin selling Unicorn Dough. The Instagram announcement read, "Count DŌwn to unicorn madness! Starts tomorrow, exclusively in store. DŌnt miss out!" and that was accompanied by photo of some purple, pink, and blue swirled dough that actually does pique our interest.
Though Dō very nearly missed the boat with this treat, we think there are probably still plenty of people out there who want the vibrant trend to continue, especially now that summer is on its way. And, honestly, any sweet shop that has two hour lines outside its doors on a daily basis, which Dō does, can pretty much do whatever it wants. Still, we can’t help but wonder why Dō didn’t launch "Unicorn Madness" sooner, perhaps before many of us started favoring jet black ice cream and charcoal pizza. Maybe the cookie dough shop wanted to take all the credit for keeping the trend alive, and, adding sparkly sprinkles to raw cookie dough is a pretty surefire way to do that.

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