Video Exclusive! DKNY’s Do-Gooder Mission

What's more beautiful than a lush perfume? A socially-conscious, eco-friendly one, of course. We were big fans of the PureDKNY Verbena fragrance when it first launched, but when we learned that the brand had partnered with CARE — a leading humanitarian organization — to help support the local farmers who provide the raw ingredients for the scent, we were legitimately overjoyed.
To get a sense of just how impactful this partnership is for the local African women who produce these ingredients, DKNY Fragrances sent us this exclusive video. Narrated by model Angela Lindvall, it shows you what goes into the fragrance, then drops some surprising knowledge and some pretty eye-opening stats about these women and their plight.
We were particularly shocked to learn that 70% of farmers in Africa are women, yet these women and girls are some of the poorest people in the world. Check out the video to get informed, see some breathtaking scenery, and be privy to some really touching moments between Angela and the women. After you've finished watching the documentary, which is sure to help start your day off on a positive note, head to DKNY's Facebook page to learn more about the fragrance, the initiative, and how you can get involved.

Video still: Courtesy of DKNY


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