11 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Cool, Not Corny

PHotographed by Rachel Cabbit.
From the glittery homemade cards we assembled in elementary school to the cringe-worthy gifts we crafted for our first loves, Valentine's Day and DIY have always gone hand in hand. And just because we're all ostensibly grown-ups now doesn't mean the fun has to end. In fact, on an ultra-commercialized Hallmark holiday like this one, we think there's nothing cooler — or more genuinely romantic — than something you took the time to do yourself.
Whether you're hoping to make your significant other swoon or just surprising your close friends, the crafts ahead are cute, relatively easy, and anything but cheesy. Pair with a side of your giftee's favorite seasonal candy and you've officially won one of the trickiest the holidays in the book. Oh, and pretty much all of these would also make excellent gifts for the one person most deserving of some pampering: yourself.